1. Hi James,
    Great map visualization you have here. Would it be possible for right click to be enabled on a point so that we can drill through from the map.
    Thank you


  2. Quick question about icon map. Can I use a local file for the valuein the Icon field, rather than a web image?



  3. Hello – I noticed when you use the Daylight Curve background layer, if you mouse over a data point under it you don’t get the tool-tips. Is there a way around this?


  4. This is a great custom visual and we would like to use it for an information map in our team.

    There are one question, we tried to change the background layer to use Mapbox provided map but it is not working. Is that because the Mapbox public access token expired? However we would not find an input box for updating that. Is there anyway we would make the Mapbox’s map available to use in this custom visual? Many thanks.


  5. May we know is that custom visual has a way to display Report Tooltip? We want to show a chart on the tooltip in this custom visual but tooltip section under format are fixed to show Catergory and Size.


  6. Hi James, I am trying to set-up your Icon Map visual with a connection to my Azure SQL database, but seem to have trouble with getting my icons visible on the Icon map in Power BI. I’ve converted the icon field binary data to text and then created a custom column with the prefix “data:image/png;base64,” and finally changed the custom column data category to image url. This is an example of one of the the resulting data values (which should also give you the resulting icon if you copy the value in your browser): . In your video, I can see that you have used an icon from an https location, which does work. However, I would like to be able to use the icons stored in my database as a source for the Icon Map visual. Maybe the problem is caused by the length of the data value string? Hope you can help met with a solution! Regards, Patrick


  7. Love the map, I am trying to do something like your flight map. I have travel information for employees from site to site so obviously I have a lot of trips from one point to another by multiple people and using AVERAGE as you do, when I am attempting to show all traffic the average must be off and the ‘FROM’ point is in the wrong spot since it is trying to average the long/lat values from multiple places to our single destination. Have you seen that and if so is there a solve?


  8. Hi James,
    When are this version be available on Microsoft Market Place? Or where can we download the file to import it in PowerBI desktop?


  9. Hi,
    I have created one measure, having the text as an Image link, I have converted that measure data category to image URL, still, it’s not displaying the image on the icon map in power bi.

    I have used following measure:

    Plane Image = “”

    can anyone help with this issue?


  10. Hi James!
    Awesome visual!

    I understand the lines can follow a geo-desic curvature, but is it possible to adjust how much curve there is on the lines?

    if we deal with domestic flight routes, say within Philippines or Asia in general, despite the feature being turned-on, because of the close proximity of the lat-long coords, the path lines look straight.

    Also – labels for Destinations , instead of a tool tip? Perhaps a check box to indicate ‘common origin’ (In the example of showing flight routes from the same Origin)


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